Caregiver Helping Hands is here to support family caregivers, in their journey.  How can we help you be successful?
Who We Are
Caregiver Helping Hands is facilitated by Doresa Ibrahim, a caregiver for her mom and daughter.  Her mission is to provide the support and resources to family caregivers to minimize the stress and overwhelm associated with the Caregiver's Journey.
What We Do
We listen to Caregivers and create resources and tools based on feedback.  We facilitate engagement between professionals and caregivers.  We most of all, listen to the needs of family caregivers to create the support needed to be successful.
How We Help
We provide access to professionals through multiple channels, such as webinars and private forums. We provide courses, checklists and planners to support Caregivers. We provide access to medical equipment through online forums.
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